About NFast from Net Technics

NFast is a business network leased line service offered by Net Technics Comms Limited. Services are  provided over our secure fixed wireless infrastructure.

Unlike traditional leased line services, NFast is not dependant on any local telecommunications infrastructure to provide service. At speeds ranging up to 1Gigabit per second we think thats pretty cool.

Unlike WiFi, our Wireless service operates over frequencies licensed directly from the UK Communications regulator Ofcom , providing a greater reach and error free connection.

We are an Internet service provider which means we can provide fast scalable Internet Access to your business premises – without wires.

Why use NFast?

NFast Service provision is not reliant on fixed Telecoms infrastructure, as such we can deploy our services quickly.

NFast is not limited by distances from the local telephone exchange or Street Furniture; We can provide high speed connectivity in rural locations.

Our Fixed Wireless Access network supports Access rates between 1 Megabit and 1 Gigabit per second. Whats more they travel at the speed of light.

Our costing model is simple; Airtime and Data. Airtime charges cover the airtime connection, Data covers the data transfer.

Access Rate controls allow us to provide you a traffic shaped stream of data just perfect for multimedia services transfer.

The NFast Network is built using industry standard MPLS.

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